Cure Blood Cancer

For Indians Everywhere

For the millions arounds the world suffering from blood cancer, there is a cure - a stem cell donation from a matching donor. It's like a blood donation - no surgery. 

But if you're South Asian, you probably won't find a match in time. 

Each year countless die because only 1% of the registry is Indian. You can change that with a swab. Swab TODAY to save a life and protect the ones you love.

The cure is in you

Blood cancers are cureable.

Not by medicine, but by people.

Patient Story


Meet Mahesh

Mahesh is a loving husband and father of two in Connecticut who was diagnosed with blood cancer the day after his son's wedding. His only chance at a cure is if he can find a matching blood donor in the Indian community. Mahesh only has... Read More

3 Steps to Save a Life

Be a hero in 5 minutes by joining the registry


Order a Swab

Once you order a swab you'll get your swab kit in the mail in 2-3 days.


Swab Your Cheeks

You'll fill out a form online to see if you're eligible and swab your cheeks.


Get Matched

You will be on the registry until 61 years old, and come come up as a match anytime

Why Indians Need to Join The Registry

Every 3 minutes someone is diagnosed. But there aren't enough Indians on the registry. Protect your family and community by signing up today. 


Blood Cancer can come for anyone of any age.

Someone is diagnosed every 3 minutes. This could come for any of our family members, moms, dads, and even children. To save them, all you have to do is join the registry


Indians are disadvantaged, but that can change

South Asians only represent 1% of the registry. This is a disadvantage because it means we are less likely to find a match and more likely to die from blood cancer. Every swab counts towards saving a life.


Stem cells grow back.  Donating is like giving blood

If you are ever a match donating is like giving blood. When your blood is drawn some of your stem cells will be extracted for the patient. Your stem cells grow back very quickly and you're back to normal in days - But now you're an official superhero