Help Mahesh find his life saving match!

Best Dad In the World - an even better husband.

Immigrant from India (Odisha). Went to NIT Rourkela & Case Western. Former IBM-er

Lives in CT with dreams of living in warmer weather, traveling, and meeting grandkids


Mahesh's Story

Dear Friends & Family, 

My Dad, Mahesh Pati, was recently diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. This has been a heartbreaking time for the family as the news of his diagnosis was out of no where and came a day after my wedding. 


We need your help. My Dad will die unless he gets a stem cell transplant in the next few months. A matching donor is likely to be South Asian, but very few are registered. You could be his life saving match 

How You Can Help

There are 3 actions you can take today to help. 

  1. Register: Please register today by ordering your swab now. To order your swab kit click on the "Swab Now" button. 

  2. Share With Friends: Please send this link to 10 friends now (preferably South Asian) and encourage them to also join. 

  3. Volunteer at a Drive: Help out at one of our events or get your community together. 




 swabs out of 20,000 Goal


Doctors say if we get 20,000 people to swab there is a high chance of saving Mahesh's life. Help us get there!

552 people just swabbed!

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About My Dad
My Dad, Mahesh Pati, is the best father one could ask for. He's warm, gentle, and always there for us to give us hope, confidence and inspiration. He's an immigrant from India, who grew up in Baripada, a city within Odisha. He graduated from NIT Rourkela and moved to the US to pursue his PhD from Case Western. Mahesh worked his way up the ladder to an executive consultant at IBM. He came to this country with a vision to give his them every opportunity and set an example through hard work, dedication, and integrity. 

Even after retiring, he is known to be very active in the community both as a part time professor, and in his service work as the President of a local chapter of the Satya Sai organization.Prior to his diagnosis (a day after hosting a party for his son's marriage), my Dad had made plans with my beautiful mom, Nibedita -- they have dreams of living in better weather, traveling the world, and spending more time with family & friends.

These are dreams worth fighting for. I need your help to make them come true. Help me save his life and join the stem cell registry today to see if you are his life saving match.