Mahesh's Story

Mahesh Pati, an immigrant from India (Orissa) has Acute Myeloid Leukemia - a cancer in his blood’s stem cells. This has been a shocking time as this news came just a day after his son's wedding.  Dad is being treated at Harvard's cancer clinic, but is in a serious race against time for a cure.


The doctors have told us there is ONE way to cure Dad - new blood stem cells. This has to come from a “matching" donor who has similar stem cells as my Dad. All the donor has to do is basically donate some blood and the stem cells from the donated blood will be used to save Dad's life. No surgeries needed!










How to Help

  1. Swab: To see if you're a match, register today by ordering your free cheek swab now. A cheek swab kit will be express mailed to you with return postage. All you do is swab your cheek and send it back. It's 100% free for anyone between the ages of 18-44.

  2. Share With Friends: Please send this link to 10 friends now (preferably South Asian) and personally encourage them to also swab. Ask them to do the same thing. If you know any influencers or local media channels that have large followings ask them to share our campaign.

  3. Ask Your Community Groups To Share: PLEASE ask the leaders of any South Asian groups you're affiliated with to share this link with their member lists. Things like temples/prayer groups, workplace culture clubs, dance teams, student activities, WhatsApp Groups and the like would all count.

Our goal is to get 20,000 South Asian Donors because our doctors say that gives us a 100% chance of finding a match for Mahesh AND other South Asian blood cancer patients.



  • What is Swab For India? Swab for India is a campaign working in partnership with the Asian American Donor Program and Be the Match (the worlds largest registry). When you get a swab kit from Swab For India,  you're getting a Be the Match swab kit. The benefit of going through us is that you can get your kit faster - free of charge. Also we send personalized thank you notes.

  • Why isn't a match based on Blood Type? Since stem cell matching is more specific than blood group, the match needs to be on HLA type. The only way to check for an HLA match is with a cheek swab test. The cheek swab test takes 2 min and can be done at home.

  • Am I losing a body part? No! this is not an organ transplant. You are simply donating stem cells which come out from your peripheral blood stream. When you leave the donation you are going home the same day
    and you're the same as you were. 


  • Does It Hurt? The donation process requires a few small injections (like getting a flu shot) so you have extra stem cells in your blood. Similarly you may have some temporary soreness, but once you donate you are feeling fine. Most everyone goes back to work the next day. Some donors have gone on to run marathons the next day.

  • What If I'm not a Match: This isn't just about one person, this could happen to anyone. Every 3 minutes another Indian is diagnosed with blood cancer. There are thousands of blood cancer patients (including children) who will die in the coming months if more Indians don't join the registry today. But they don't have to say goodbye too early with your help.

 Read more about how the donation process works.

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Save Mahesh Pati from Blood Cancer!

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About Mahesh

Written by his sons, Amrut & Manish

Our Dad, Mahesh Pati, is the best father one could ask for. He's warm, gentle, and always there for us to give us hope, confidence and inspiration.


He's an immigrant from India, who grew up in Baripada, a city within Odisha. He graduated from NIT Rourkela and moved to the US to pursue his PhD from Case Western. Mahesh worked his way up the ladder to an executive consultant at IBM. He came to this country with a vision to give his them every opportunity and set an example through hard work, dedication, and integrity. 

Even after retiring, he is known to be very active in the community both as a part time professor, and in his service work as the President of a local chapter of the Satya Sai organization.Prior to his diagnosis , Dad had made big plans with our beautiful mom, Nibedita to grow old together. They have dreams of living in better weather, traveling the world, and spending more time with family & friends.

We don't want our Dad to die. These are dreams worth fighting for. We need your help to make them come true. Help me save his life and join the stem cell registry today to see if you are his life saving match.