Swab with Nirav! Cure Blood Cancer!

Why I'm swabbing: "Too many people that I love have been affected by blood cancer. But there is something I can to do help, so I'm going to help"

Help Me Save Mahesh!

Hey Everyone, 


My friend Amrut's dad, Mahesh Pati, was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) -- a form of blood cancer. Finding a matching donor who can give Mahesh stem cells is the only cure. All it takes to see if you're a match is a swab and you can save his life. 


With the current pandemic going on, we can't do live drives, so I've committed to hosting this virtual drive with a goal of getting 100 South Asians to swab this week! 

Help me end blood cancer for South Asians everywhere, by swabbing your cheek and becoming a registered donor. I just did it, and if I can you can too! 

How You Can Help 

  1. Register & Swab: To see if you're a match, register today by ordering your free cheek swab now. A cheek swab kit will be express mailed to you with return postage. All you do is swab your cheek and send it back. It's 100% free for anyone between the ages of 18-44.

  2. Share With Friends: Please send this link to 10 friends now (preferably South Asian) and encourage them to also join. Every share can save a life.

  3. Host Your Own Virtual Drive: Just like me, you can have your own page and commit to hitting a number of swabs.  The more drives we can host, the better chances we give to people like Mahesh Uncle. If you are interested please email amrut@swabforindia.com

This isn't just about one person, this could happen to anyone. Every 3 minutes another Indian is diagnosed with blood cancer. There are thousands of blood cancer patients (including children) who will die in the coming months if more Indians don't join the registry today. But they don't have to say goodbye too early with your help. Read more about how the donation process works.

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15 people just swabbed!

Varun Premkumar
Zafar Jawaid
Sharmi Patel
Shivani Jani
Bhumika Shah
Swati Singh
Aakruti Desai
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About Mahesh

Written by his sons, Amrut & Manish

Our Dad, Mahesh Pati, is the best father one could ask for. He's warm, gentle, and always there for us to give us hope, confidence and inspiration.


He's an immigrant from India, who grew up in Baripada, a city within Odisha. He graduated from NIT Rourkela and moved to the US to pursue his PhD from Case Western. Mahesh worked his way up the ladder to an executive consultant at IBM. He came to this country with a vision to give his them every opportunity and set an example through hard work, dedication, and integrity. 

Even after retiring, he is known to be very active in the community both as a part time professor, and in his service work as the President of a local chapter of the Satya Sai organization.Prior to his diagnosis , Dad had made big plans with our beautiful mom, Nibedita to grow old together. They have dreams of living in better weather, traveling the world, and spending more time with family & friends.

We don't want our Dad to die. These are dreams worth fighting for. We need your help to make them come true. Help me save his life and join the stem cell registry today to see if you are his life saving match.